New Ranking System of Educational Institutions

Starting this July, educational institutions across the country will be assessed for accreditation on a different ranking system by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

Institutions, which are currently clumped together as part of the four-point ranking system of the NAAC, in spite of having varying Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) scores, will have reason to cheer as the Bengaluru headquartered NAAC is introducing a new 7 point system.

CGPA scores and the rating given to colleges and universities by the NAAC help the higher educational institutions get funding from the UGC.

In the current 4 point system, it was found that two institutions with a CGPA of 3.1 and 3.5 were ranked in the same category.

From July 1, however, the new system, which ranks institutions with CGPA scores ranging between 51 and 4.00 in seven scales, will be implemented.

For those institutions which have CGPA scores of 1.50 or less, there will be no accreditation by the NAAC.

The new system will also assign a letter grade instead of the earlier descriptions of the institutions performance like Very Good, Good, Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory.

In place of these descriptors, a letter grade (A++, A+, A, B++ etc) will be assigned.