NTPC Energy Technology Research Alliance

IAS Prelims 2023

As a leading player in the world energy sector, NTPC recognized the potential of cutting edge technology in further improving its services and efficiency.

The company is fully aligned to the needs of adapting to emerging technologies and upgrading the technologies through research and development.

NETRA (NTPC Energy Technology Research Alliance) set up in 2009 is the outcome of this vision.

Its core areas of research are: climate change, waste management, carbon capture and Utilization, new & renewable energy, efficiency improvement and cost reduction besides providing scientific support to NTPC and external utilities for improving availability, reliability and efficiency.

NETRA’s emphasis is on developing cutting edge technologies by carrying out applied research which will translate into cost reductions as well as a greener & cleaner tomorrow.

NETRA has networking with Institutes/organizations for research related to development of cost economic technologies in the field of climate change, new & renewable energy, efficiency & reliability enhancement of thermal power generation and CO2 mitigation/fixation, development of microgrids, etc.

It is also in touch with many International institutes/organizations for networking in these areas.

Initiatives are taken to develop technologies for reducing forced outages, installing intelligent online monitoring of critical components, understanding the likely damages due to corrosion and providing appropriate solutions etc.

Effort is being made for reducing cost of generation by either increasing the overhaul cycle or reducing overhaul duration through correct and proper health assessment of critical components, developing diagnostic tools and ensuring environmental & safety compliances.

The prime thrust is towards clean and economic power generation. Patents have been filed in the areas of climate change, waste heat recovery, waste management etc.

At National level, NETRA has recently signed MoU with MIDHANI, TERI, IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, NIT Calicut IIT Madrras, BHEL and IGCAR to name a few. NETRA is in the process of development of Advanced Ultra Super Critical technology jointly with BHEL & IGCAR.

NTPC has installed an 110 KWp (Kilowatt peak power) solar microgrid project at the NTPC Energy Technology Research Alliance (NETRA) campus in Greater Noida.