Panel For Relaxation in CRZ Norms

The Shailesh Nayak committee, which reviewed the Coastal Regulation Zone 2011 notification, has suggested relaxation in No Development Zones (NDZ) in CRZ-3 areas of States like Kerala based on population density.

The coastal areas with a population density of more than 2,161 people/sq km (Class-3 towns as defined in 2001 census) would be categorised as thickly-populated areas and the NDZ has been reduced to 50 metre against the original 200 metres in seaside areas.

The NDZ will be 200 metre along the other rural areas, which have a population density of less than 2,161 people/ sq km.

For backwater islands, the NDZ has been brought down to 10 metres from the existing 50 metre, it recommended.

In densely-populated CRZ 3 areas, development can be taken up in accordance with the local prevailing norms, including the height regulations. The local authorities shall ensure that no activities shall be undertaken that would cause shoreline change, including disturbing the sediment balance in the coastal waters.