PIB Webinars Commemorate Constitution Day

Mumbai, 26 November 2020

Press Information Bureau, Western Region, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting along with Regional Outreach Bureau, Maharashtra & Goa conducted webinars on the occasion of Constitution Day or ‘Samvidhan Divas’, which is celebrated in our country on 26th November every year to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India.  Both the webinars, ‘Duties and Responsibilities of Citizens as enshrined in the Constitution of India ‘ and the ‘Role of Constitution in Maintaining Unity and Integrity of India ‘ highlighted the significance of the Constitution of India in every citizen’s life.

Webinar on Duties and Responsibilities of Citizens as enshrined in the Constitution of India:
“Fundamental duties were recommended by ‘Swaran Singh Committee’, to ensure that an individual does not overlook his duties while exercising fundamental rights. Everyone is aware of the rights but seldom knows about one’s duties towards the country”, said Advocate Satish L Karale, Special Public Prosecutor for Income Tax Department, Panaji. He spoke about the fundamental duties of every citizen.

Talking about the fundamental duties which were included after more than 20 years Satish L Karale mentioned that the fundamental duties should have been included right when the Constitution of India was drafted. “Duties should have been enshrined along with the rights. This would have made all generations more aware about their duties as much as their rights,” he added.

Another speaker, Suvidutt Sundaram, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India spoke about the Constitutional duties of citizens to develop a scientific temper, humanism and a spirit of enquiry and reform (Article 51A(h)) and why every Indian citizen should develop scientific temper. “A sense of looking scientifically has to be built up instead of blindly believing in certain religious or irrational things.”

Shri. Sundaram also pointed out how every citizen can perform his duty by discouraging fake news. “Social media is a part of the eco system. Fake news and misinformation being circulated on these platforms should never be encouraged. There are still a section of people in the society who are gullible, who may fall trap to these fake news. This is one way of performing your part in building up scientific temper”, he said.

Webinar on ‘Role of Constitution in Maintaining Unity and Integrity of India’

The second webinar highlighted the features of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat and how the Constitution plays its role in bringing the nation and its people with different language, caste, creed, religion together.

Ms. Shruti Iyer, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India, said “Unity is not only to be created, but also be preserved. The framers of the Constitution shouldered this tremendous burden. Constitution protects not only cultural diversity but also economic and social.”

She also mentioned about occasions when various pillars of the democracy rose to preserve the unity and integrity of the country. “Union is indestructible, but not the states”, she added. She also mentioned that the strength of the constitution greatly depends upon the people of this country. “Any constitution is only as good as its people and the constitution is nothing but an embodiment of the will of the people,” she added.

Speaking on the same topic, Dr. Sanjay Jain, Principal (Addtl. Charge) & Associate Professor, ILS Law College, Pune mentioned that Indian culture is a composite culture. “We wanted to promote India as a nation which is sensitive to its traditions and faiths. Those who are on margins of margins have to be heard and held”

While speaking about the diversity in the country he said that, “the value of fraternity needs to be emphasized.”  He also mentioned that, “when it comes to fundamental duties, we need to observe law and ethics of law very scrupulously. Constitutional morality is about public ethics”

Deputy Director, PIB Mumbai, Dheep Joy Mampilly, delivered the vote of thanks.

The webinars can be watched on the links given below

1. Duties and Responsibilities of Citizens as enshrined in the Constitution of India


2. Role of Constitution in Maintaining Unity and Integrity of India





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