PM addresses birth centenary celebration of Swami Atmasthananda

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, addressed the birth centenary celebration of Swami Atmasthananda via video message today.

The Prime Minister paid his tributes to Swami Atmasthananda Ji by reminiscing the time he spent with Swami Ji. Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said that ‘this event is filled with many feelings and memories. I have always been blessed by him, there was an opportunity to be with him. It is my good fortune that I kept in touch with him till the last moment.’

The Prime Minister expressed happiness over the release of a photo biography and documentary to take Swami Ji’s mission to the masses. Shri Modi heartily congratulated the President of Ramakrishna Mission Pujya Swami Smarananand Ji Maharaj ji for this work.

The Prime Minister, Shri Modi highlighted that Swami Atmasthananand Ji received initiation from Pujya Swami Vijnanand Ji, a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa. He remarked that the awakened state and the spiritual energy of Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa was clearly visible in him. Shri Modi also remarked on the great tradition of renunciation in the country. Vanprastha Ashram is also a step towards sanyas. He said, ‘The meaning of sannyas is to work for the society by rising above oneself, and to live for the sake of society. The expansion of the self up to the community. For a sanyasi, service towards living beings is the lord’s service, seeing Shiva in the living being is paramount.’ The Prime Minister remarked that Swami Vivekanand Ji moulded the great tradition of sanyasth into a modern form. Swami Atmasthananand Ji also retired to this form and lived and implemented it in life. The Prime Minister, Shri Modi also highlighted the tremendous relief and rescue operations that were carried out not just in India but also in Nepal and Bangladesh under his directive by Belur Matt and Ramakrishna Mission. He mentioned the relentless work that Swami Ji did for the welfare of the people in rural areas. Shri Modi also remarked on the institutions created by Swami Ji for helping the poor in employment and livelihood.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi stated that Swami Ji considered the service of the poor, the spread of knowledge and its work, as worship. Shri Modi highlighted that the ideals of Ramakrishna Mission are to work in mission mode, to create new institutions, and to strengthen the institutions. The Prime Minister remarked that wherever there are such saints, the centers of service to humanity come up on its own, Swami ji proved this by his sanyasa life. Shri Modi said that be it Adi Shankaracharya from hundreds of years ago or Swami Vivekananda in modern times, the saint tradition of India has always been proclaiming ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’. The establishment of Ramakrishna Mission is also associated with the idea of ​​’Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat’. While highlighting the contributions of Swami Vivekananda, the Prime Minister said that he lived this resolution in the form of a mission. His influence was seen in all parts of the country and his travels made the country realize its ancient national consciousness in the era of slavery, and also infused new confidence in it. This tradition of Ramakrishna Mission was carried forward by Swami Atmasthananand ji throughout his life.

While remembering the time he spent with Swami Ji, the Prime Minister, Shri Modi said that he was fortunate to talk to him in Gujarati. The Prime Minister also remarked on the time during the Kutch earthquake when relief work was carried out under the guidance of Swami Ji. Shri Modi said, ‘Everyone knows the saints of Ramakrishna Mission as the conductors of national unity in the country. And, when he goes abroad, he represents Indianness there.’

The Prime Minister, Shri Modi remarked that Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa, was one such saint who had a clear vision of Maa Kali, who had surrendered his whole being at the feet of Maa Kali. This whole world, this variable and constant, everything is pervaded by the consciousness of the mother. This consciousness is seen in the Kali Puja of Bengal. The Prime Minister underlined that a beam of this consciousness and power was illuminated by Swami Ramakrishna Paramahansa in the form of Yugpurushas like Swami Vivekananda. The spiritual vision that Swami Vivekananda felt about Mother Kali, had infused extraordinary energy and power within him. Shri Modi said that a mighty personality like Swami Vivekananda would get excited like a small child in the devotion, in the memory of Jaganmata Kali. The Prime Minister remarked that he could see the same sincerity of devotion, and the same power of Shakti Sadhana within Swami Atmasthananand Ji.

The Prime Minister, Shri Modi while paying tributes to the life of Swami Atmasthananand Ji said that our sages have shown us that when our thoughts are broad, we are never alone in our endeavours! You will see the life journey of so many such saints on the earth of Bharat Varsh who fulfilled the resolutions like a summit with zero resources. Shri Modi saw the same faith and dedication in the life of Atmasthananand Ji. The Prime Minister remarked that when a person from India, a sage, can do so much, then there is no goal that cannot be accomplished by the collective resolve of 130 crore countrymen.

While taking the example of Digital India, the Prime Minister, Shri Modi stated that India has emerged as a world leader in the field of digital payments. The Prime Minister also highlighted the achievements of giving 200 crore vaccine doses to the people of India. These examples are a symbol of the fact that when the thoughts are pure, efforts do not take long to complete and obstacles show us the way. 

While addressing the gathering of revered saints, the Prime Minister said that 75 Amrit Sarovars are being made in every district as part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. Shri Modi urged everyone to inspire people and also join in the noble work of human service. Shri Modi highlighted that centenary years are becoming the year of new energy and new inspiration and wished that the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav be successful in awakening the sense of duty in the country. The Prime Minister urged that the collective contribution of all of us can bring a big change.





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