PM addresses programme of Sree Seetharama Swamy Temple in Thrissur, Kerala

azadi ka amrit mahotsav

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, addressed a programme of Sree Seetharama Swamy Temple in Thrissur via video message, today. He greeted everyone on the auspicious occasion of Thrissur Pooram Festival. 

The Prime Minister started by acknowledging Thrissur’s status as the cultural capital of Kerala where culture, tradition and arts thrive along with spirituality, philosophy and festivals. The Prime Minister expressed happiness that Thrissur is keeping its heritage and identity alive and Sree Seetharama Swamy Temple is working as a vibrant center in this direction. 

The Prime Minister conveyed his happiness on expansion of the temple and noted that a gold plated Garbha Grih is being dedicated to Lord Sree Seetharama and Lord Ayyappa and Lord Shiva. He also praised the installation of 55 feet Lord Hanuman statue and greeted everyone for Kumbhabhishekam. 

Lauding the contribution of the Kalyan family and Shri T S Kalyanraman and recalling his earlier meeting and discussion about the temple, the Prime Minister expressed the feeling of spiritual joy that he was feeling on the occasion. 

The Prime Minister remarked that Thrissur and Sree Seetharama Swamy Temple are not only the pinnacle of faith, they are also the reflection of the consciousness and soul of India. Shri Modi recalled the period of invasion during the medieval period. As these invaders were destroying the temples, the Prime Minister said, they were oblivious that though India is visible in the symbols but it lives in its knowledge and thought. India lives in its quest for the eternal, he added. “India’s soul has been proclaiming its immortality in the form of  Sree Seetharama Swamy and Bhagwan Ayyappa. “These temples from those times  declare that the idea of ​​’Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ is an immortal idea of ​​thousands of years. Today, in the golden age of independence, we are taking this idea forward by taking a pledge to be proud of our heritage”, he said. 

“Our temples and pilgrimages have been symbols of the values and prosperity of our society for centuries”, the Prime Minister said as he expressed delight that Sree Seetharama Swamy Temple is preserving the grandeur and splendor of ancient India. Highlighting the many public welfare programs that are run through this temple, the Prime Minister said that a system is in place where the resources received from the society are returned as service. He urged the temple committee to add more resolutions of the country to these efforts, be it Shri Anna Abhiyan, Swachhta Abhiyan or public awareness towards natural farming. Concluding the address, the Prime Minister expressed belief that the blessings of Shri  Sree Seetharama Swamy ji will be showered upon everyone as the work to realize the goals and resolutions of the country continues.





Source PIB