Public Expenditure on Health: Top Countries List

A statement showing public health expenditure on health as percentage of GDP in India vis-à-vis select developed/developing countries is given below:

S/No. Name of Country Public  expenditure on health as percentage  of GDP  – 2012


1 Bangladesh 1.12
2 China 3.02
3 India 1.16
4 Indonesia 1.19
5 Kuwait 2.15
6 Malaysia 2.21
7 Oman 2.17
8 Pakistan 1.03
9 Peru 2.86
10 Sri Lanka 1.21
11 Thailand 3.58
12 United Kingdom 7.81
13 United States of America 7.99
14 Russian Federation 3.32
15 Spain 6.67

Source:  World Health Statistics 2015 published by World Health Organization

As per Economic Survey 2016-17 brought out by Ministry of Finance, expenditure by Government (Central and State Governments combined) on health as percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for  last three years and current year is as under:

(i)   2013-14     – 1.2 %

(ii)  2014-15   –   1.1%

(iii) 2015-16   –   1.3% (RE)

(iv) 2016-17   –   1.4 % (BE)

The Draft National Health Policy 2015 envisages raising public health expenditure progressively to 2.5% of the GDP.

Public health and hospitals is a state subject. However under NHM, Government provides technical and financial support to states to strengthen their healthcare system.

National Health Mission (NHM) implementation framework seeks to achieve health goals through strengthening state health systems, facility based service delivery, expanding the outreach services,  strengthening community the processes, addressing  social determinants of health, providing social protection against cost of care through provision of free drugs, diagnostics, diet and transport; and building a robust health management information system.

To ensure proper utilization of funds and to provide health care facilities to all the citizens of the country, the  Government has taken several steps  including, inter-alia : Organizing periodical review meetings/Joint Monitoring Missions, conducting external surveys, undertaking Common Review Missions (CRM) on annual basis,  conducting monthly concurrent audit and annual audit of the State/District Health Societies, Performance Audit by CAG,  Mid-Term Appraisal by Planning Commission (Now NITI Aayog) etc.