Russia Launches MS-21 Passenger Plane

IAS Prelims 2023

Russia has unveiled a medium-range passenger plane MS-21 Passenger Plane.

In a glitzy ceremony, the Irkut Corporation rolled out its new MC-21 airliner, which is still undergoing testing but is due to enter serial production in 2017. The plane is sometimes also known as MS-21.

The plane will be built in two variants: the MC-21-300 which will have 160-211 seats, and the MC-21-200 with 130-165 seats.

Deliveries are expected to start in 2018 and state media said numerous contracts with domestic and foreign carriers had already been agreed.

The state-controlled United Aircraft Corporation, of which Irkut is a subsidiary, informed that the new plane would be able to service routes of up to 6,400km (3,976 miles) and its operational costs would be up to 15% cheaper than current generation aircraft.

As a short- to mid-range passenger jet, it will be going up against the likes of Boeing’s 737 and Airbus’ A320, both well-established planes.

The MC-21 follows in the slipstream of the earlier Sukhoi superjet as one of the first Russian airliners built in years.