Sagar Parikrama Project: Main Features

Project ‘Sagar Parikarma’ was launched in 2007. The objective of the project was solo-circumnavigation of the Globe in a sailboat. This was successfully accomplished in 2009-10 by a Naval Officer.

After the success of ‘Sagar Parikarma I’, in 2012-13, ‘Sagar Parikarma II’ was undertaken with a solo ‘non-stop’ circumnavigation by another Naval Officer.

The objectives of Sagar Parikarma I & II were:

(i) To inspire the youths of India to develop an understanding of the sea and a sense of adventure and spirit.

(ii) To instill in the young officers of the Navy a sense of national pride and achievement through a successful solo-circumnavigation voyage.

An amount of Rs.6 crores was sanctioned for the project ‘Sagar Parikarma I’ including Rs.4.3 crores for construction of the boat, Mhadei. An amount of Rs. 72 lakhs was sanctioned for ‘Sagar Parikarma II’.