Semi High Speed Train ‘Tejas Express’

Tejas Express is a semi high speed train having modern on board facilities, enhanced passenger comfort and showcases the future of Train travel in India. Tejas Express is set to be introduced soon. The coaches are manufactured at Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala .

The newly designed coaches are capable of running at a speed of 200 km/h but due to constraints related to rail tracks these coaches will run at a speed of 160 km/h.

Speed potential of 200 Kmph was achieved by providing Steel brake disc, Sintered pads, Electro-pneumatic assist Brake system.

One Executive Coach will be turned into a Smart Coach at a later date having extra facilities as announced in the Budget 2016-17.

Features of Tejas Train:

Bio-vacuum toilets (less water consumption and hygienic)
Water level indicators
Touchless Water Taps, Soap dispenser
Marble finish Anti graffiti coating
Hand dryers
New design Dust bin
Vinyl Wrapped specially designed exteriors
Automatic entrance plug type doors (provides better sound and heat insulation, can be controlled by Guard panel)
Secured gangways (reduce sound levels, dirt, sand, water ingress, increase passenger safety & Comfort, energy efficiency, elegant design)
Electro Pneumatic Air brakes
Fire & smoke detection and suppression system.
Fire suppression system in Power car.
CCTV cameras for security
GPS based Passenger Information display System
Call bell integrated with berth reading light.
Digital Destination Boards
Integrated braille displays
E-Leather as improved upholstery
Redesigned backrest with higher height
Redesigned armrest
Leg support for Executive Chair Car with gas spring
Energy Efficient LED Lights
LED TV with Touch Control for each passenger (with recorded content, can be upgraded to Live TV)
Provided with USB charging facility
Tea and Coffee vending machines
Snack tables
Local cuisine
Celebrity Chef Menu