Stainless Steel Quality Order Date Extended

Ministry of Steel has issued Stainless Steel Products (Quality Control) (Amendment) Order on 08.09.16 for extending the date of enforcement of the Principal Order dated 10thJune, 2016, from three months to 180 days.

The Order aims at ensuring use of high quality standards in respect of 3 specified stainless steel product categories.

The 3 stainless steel product categories covered under the Order are IS 5522 (stainless steel sheets and strips of utensils), IS 15997 (low nickel austenitic stainless steel sheet and strip for utensils and kitchen appliances-specification) and IS 6911 (stainless steel plate, sheet and strip-specification).

The Order stipulates prohibition regarding manufacture, storage, sale, distribution etc. without Standard Mark of BIS and obligation of certification.