Steps Taken For High Security at Airports

The security arrangements at Airports in India are reviewed from time to time and upgraded as per requirement, by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), the regulatory authority for civil aviation security in India, in consultation with the concerned agencies and stakeholders, including the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and airport operators, depending upon threat perceptions, and corrective measures are taken.

The main measures taken by the Government from time to time are as under:-

i. Strengthening of Quick Reaction Team (QRT) and perimeter patrolling.

ii. Provision of night vision devices to QRT and at Watchtowers along the perimeter.

iii. Enhanced random screening of passengers and staff at the entry gate of the terminalbuildings at all hypersensitive airports.

iv. Enhanced physical checking of hand baggage at Pre-Embarkation Security Check.

v. Manpower at all cargo gates and vehicles entry gates increased.

vi. Identity of anyone seeking entry into the airports is maintained to be established strictly against Aerodrome Entry Permits and Aerodrome Driving Permits.

vii. Thorough checking of vehicles and identity of drivers while seeking entry into the operational area of the airports through vehicle gates is done.

viii. Random Checking at Nakas.

ix. Strengthening of Patrolling by vehicle and by foot.

x. Enhancement of surveillance in and around the terminal buildings and operational area.

xi. Strict monitoring of security protocol for in-flight catering services.