Steps taken to train skilled personnel for installation, operation and maintenance of Renewable Energy in the country

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The Union Minister for New & Renewable Energy and Power has informed that India has been consistently ranked among the top four countries in terms of renewable energy capacity. The Government of India has undertaken several major initiatives that have led expansion of renewable energy capacity and optimum utilization of renewable energy potential, which inter alia include:

  1. Waiver of Inter State Transmission System (ISTS) charges for inter-State sale of solar and wind power for projects to be commissioned by 30th June 2025 and graded ISTS charges thereafter,
  2. Declaration of trajectory for Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) up to the year 2030,
  3. Launch of new schemes and programs, including Development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects Scheme, Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan Yojana (PM-KUSUM), Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Programme, CPSU Scheme Phase-II (Government Producer Scheme),  Production Linked Incentive Scheme under ‘National Programme on High Efficiency Solar PV Modules, National Bioenergy Programme, Renewable Energy Research and Technology Development (RE-RTD) Programme, Schemes for incentives on electrolyser manufacturing and Green Hydrogen production under the National Green Hydrogen Mission.
  4. Setting up of Ultra Mega Renewable Energy Parks to provide land and transmission to RE developers on a plug and play basis,
  5. Laying of new transmission lines and creating new sub-station capacity for evacuation of renewable power,
  6. Setting up of Project Development Cell for attracting and facilitating investments,
  7. Standard Bidding Guidelines for tariff based competitive bidding process for procurement of Power from Grid Connected Solar PV and Wind Projects,
  8. Government has issued orders that power shall be dispatched against Letter of Credit (LC) or advance payment to ensure timely payment by distribution licensees to RE generators,
  9. Notification of Promoting Renewable Energy through Green Energy Open Access Rules 2022,
  10. Notification of Late Payment Surcharge and related matters Rules 2022.
  11. Notification of Electricity Amendment Rules 2022 with provision of Uniform Renewable Energy Tariff for Central Pool.
  12. Launch of the National Green Hydrogen Mission with the objective to make India a hub for Green Hydrogen production and exports.

Further, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is developing qualified and skilled manpower under short term training component and fellowship component of Human Resource Development Programme, to train skilled manpower for installation, operation and maintenance  of Renewable Energy.

  1. Suryamitra Skill Development Programme (Solar PV technician training) was launched by MNRE in 2015 for boosting employment opportunities by creating skilled manpower for installation, operation and maintenance of solar power projects. Over 55000 suryamitras have been trained so far up to November 2023 under this programme.
  2. Jal-Urjamitra Skill Development Programme provides training focussed on  installation, operation, repair and maintenance of Small Hydro Power Projects.
  3. Vayumitra Skill Development Programme (VSDP) creates skilled and trained manpower for maintenance of Wind power projects.
  4. Varunmitra programme develops trained manpower in the area of solar water pumping for installation of maintenance of solar water pumps.
  5. National Renewable Energy Fellowships at M.Tech, M.Sc., and Ph.D levels are provided to students  to enrol in the courses on renewable energy technologies.
  6. MNRE had also supported six months training programme specifically for semi-literate women of rural areas on assembly, installation, operation and maintenance of solar lanterns, lamps, etc.

This information has been given by the Union Minister for New & Renewable Energy and Power Shri R. K. Singh, in a written reply to a question, in Lok Sabha on December 21, 2023.



PIB DELHI | Alok Mishra / Dheep Joy Mampilly

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