azadi ka amrit mahotsav

i.            A new initiative for enhancing accessibility, creating awareness and sensitization for creation a universal barrier free environment was taken by the Central Government by launching the Accessible India

Campaign (Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan – AIC) on 3rd December, 2015.

ii.        Its 3 main pillars are in the process of becoming accessible. These are:

ü  Built-Up Environment

ü  Transportation System

ü  Information & Communication (ICT) ecosystems.



iii.        The achievements of AIC across sectors are :

Ø  Built-Up Environment –

ü  Access Audit of 1671 buildings completed.

ü  1630 Government buildings, including 1030 Central Government building have been provided with features of accessibility.


iv.        Transportation Sector – Efforts are being made to make the transportation sector accessible.

a.    Airports: 35 International Airports and 55 Domestic Airports have been provided with features of accessibility. Ambulifts are available at 12 airports.

b.   Railways: All 709 A1, A & B category railway stations have been provided with seven Short Term Facilities. 603 railway stations have been provided with 2 Long Term Facilities.

c.    Roadways: 1,45,747 (29.05%) buses have been made partially accessible and 8695 (5.73%) made fully accessible


v.        ICT Ecosystem (Websites) –Nearly 627 Central and State/UT government websites have been made accessible.

vi.          Accessibility in TV viewing –

a.    Being ensured in a phased manner.

b.   19 private news channels are telecasting partially accessible news bulletins.

c.    2447 news bulletins have been telecast with subtitling/sign-language interoperation.

d.   9 general entertainment channels have telecast 3686 scheduled programs/movies using subtitling

vii.       Education – Out of 11,68,292 government and government aided schools, 8,33,703 schools (71%) have been made barrier free with the provision of ramps, handrails and accessible toilets

viii.         Institutional Literacy Material –

a.    The Department has developed an Easy Reckoner of 10 basic features of Accessibility for ease of understanding.

b.   Volume 1 of the series of guidebooks for professionals titled ACCESS- The Photo Digest on Public Centric Buildings was launched on 2nd March 2021.

c.    Volume 2 of the series of guidebooks for professionals titled ACCESS- The Photo Digest on Airports was launched on 19.11.2021.

ix.        Monitoring –Activities under the Accessible India Campaign are being monitored through a Management Information System (MIS) portal.

x.           Formulation of Sector Specific Standards of Accessibility –

a.    The task of formulation of Sector Specific Standards/Guidelines of Accessibility is underway by respective Ministries/Departments, including Civil Aviation, Roadways, Railways, School and Higher Education, Culture, Tourism, MHA, Banking, Consumer Affairs and Sports. Guidelines by MoHUA and MietY are notified.

b.   Department is lending support through sensitization, handholding and by recommending experts in field of accessibility.

xi.           Sugamya Bharat App:

a.    Helping in crowdsourcing grievances of accessibility being faced on ground in infrastructure and services and forwarding for redressal.

b.   Helpful also in creating sensitization and awareness generation about importance of accessibility.

c.    COVID-19 related complaints which are meant only for Divyangjans are being given top priorities now. To be cleared within 3 days.





Source PIB