Telangana Economic Census: Main Findings

Telangana has completed the sixth Economic Census. This process was started in 2013 when the state was not bifurcated. About 35,000 enumerators and supervisors took part in the exercise.

In this economic census, all the establishments engaged in agricultural and non-agricultural activities, excluding crop production, plantation, public administration and defence, were covered.

Main Findings:

Telangana ranks 12th among states in the number of establishments with a tally of 20,87,675.

Rural areas dominate the scene with 12 lakh establishments, or 57 per cent.

The share of agriculture establishments stands at 15.68 per cent.

The number of establishments went up by 78 per cent since the fifth Economic Census in 2005.

The state is ranked 10th in terms of the number of persons employed.

About 55 lakh people are employed in the establishments, the majority of them in urban areas.

While 32 lakh people are employed in urban establishments, about 23 lakh are employed in rural entities.

Agriculture sector employed about 10 per cent of them.