Text of the Vice President’s Address at the Inauguration Ceremony of NCC Republic Day Camp 2023

azadi ka amrit mahotsav


  1. Delighted to be with you all boys and girls – NCC cadets from all over the Country at this Republic Day NCC Camp.
  2. Grateful for this opportunity to be amongst you on this occasion. My compliments on your high standard of drill, morale & motivation amongst the NCC cadets.
  3. Congratulations to all cadets & staff who have meticulously planned & executed today’s event.
  4. I wish you all a very rewarding and bright future.
  5. For the NCC the world’s largest youth organisation and particularly for you all performing in Amritkal at Kartavya Path will be a moment to ever cherish.
  6. Greatly appreciate laudable contribution of the NCC to nation building by inculcating character, comradeship and the spirit of selfless service among our young students.
  7. Seeing your beaming confidence and smart turn out, I am reminded of my days as NCC Cadet at Sainik School Chittorgarh. I have very fond memories of those days. It was a learning that shaped me.
  8. Boys and Girls, as NCC Cadets you represent India’s unity in diversity. The NCC, over the years, has created a truly vibrant and diverse cadre of motivated & disciplined youth who are doing excellent work in all walks of life.
  9. NCC creates awareness amongst youth about the diverse heritage of our country and fosters national integration despite linguistic, cultural, religious and geographical barriers.
  10. NCC develops in you a spirit of working in tandem and togetherness, experience to live together. co-operate and work in harmony with cadets of other states.
  11. In the NCC there is organic development of Ethics and social values,  the spirit of unity and value of personal sacrifice.
  12. In our diverse country NCC camps and group activities generate a feeling of appreciation of each other’s uniqueness and cultivate friendship.
  13. NCC is trained human reservoir to give selfless service to society and be available anytime for any national cause.
  14. NCC can be described as the nation’s disciplined, trained and motivated young force available for national service to provide assistance everywhere and anywhere.
  15. I am particularly pleased to see Girls enthusiastically participating in this prestigious RD camp.
  16. This NCC Republic Day Camp exemplifies NCC’s Motto “Unity and Discipline”.
  17. My young friends- we are in Amritkal of our independence. Our Bharat is on the rise as never before. Our Nation is now global destination of opportunity and investment.
  18. I urge all to take pride in being Indians and be proud of our achievements.
  19. I am happy to share with you that our Country is on the rise as never before. It is now fifth largest global economy. Only a few months we overtook the UK.  By turn of the decade we’ll be the third largest global economy.
  20. India has overtaken Japan to become the third largest automotive market in the world,
  21. We turned the challenge of Covid pandemic into opportunity to become “Atma Nirbhar” in production and development of medicines, vaccines and equipments.
  22. We have been able to provide 220 crore doses of vaccine and continue form April 01, 2020 to provide quality food for over 800 million people.
  23. Happy to note that NCC cadets are being introduced to modern technologies through simulation.
  24. New Education Policy 2020, thoughtfully evolved after three decades is a game changer. Gratified to note that about 90 Universities offer NCC as an elective subject.
  25. I have no doubt that you all will vindicate your pledge to conduct yourself at the highest levels of Dignity and Discipline.
  26. I congratulate you for being part of this momentous occasion. Undoubtedly you as NCC Cadets will by conduct exemplify and help evolution an echosystem that we always keep our Nation First.
  27. May the NCC continue to grow from Strength to Strength & produce outstanding leaders for our country.



Source PIB