Text of the Vice President’s speech – At Dhanamanjuri University, Manipur

azadi ka amrit mahotsav


Members of the faculty, distinguished guest and most important my dear students, I am here to connect with you. Manipur the name spells out it all. Mani is ‘Jwel’ and pur is ‘land’.

I will confine myself to the issues concerning students and the North East. First North East, Hon’ble Chief Minister rightly said in 1991 the Government of India evolved a policy and that Policy was Look East.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his vision for growth of North East gave it a new dimension- ‘Look East, Act East’. Now this policy ‘Look East, Act East’ is not limited to this country. It goes beyond the frontiers of this country as rightly pointed out by Hon’ble Chief Minister.

I got a feel of it when I made a visit to Cambodia that was the ASEAN meet that talked about this connectivity.

Manipur is very strategically located. No matter that its population is small, the state is rich and the state’s richness is reflected in its culture. Northeast is changing very fast. Look at the rail connectivity, air connectivity of the northeast from 9 airports to 17 airports. Look at this airport itself, it has National and international connectivity; a development is taking place.

By the end of the year, this part of the country will be digitalized 100%.

Manipur in particular is gifted with medicinal plants that can turn the situation around for many of us and generate industrial growth in that field.

Go to any part of the world, what you see in the North East is not available. You have variety, diversity, deep culture, your art, dances but never forget that Manipur has been a home to Polo. Polo, which connects many people around the globe, is from Manipur.

Northeast has made remarkable impact because of its youth power, firepower in the field of sports and athletics. It’s a great success of human resource in this part of the world.

I have got a feeling of connection, a feel good factor because of the warmth of the people here.

North East is going to be the new place. It is already emerging as a destination for tourism. All that is happening in the country in the field of education, healthcare, connectivity and rail infrastructure is being reflected on the ground.

As a result of this, we have a Global image; India is rising as never before, the rise is unstoppable and this is because of the young people before me.

We are in Amrit Kaal- 75th year of our independence but we have set our eyes to 2047. India will be celebrating the centenary of its independence. You all will be around; you will be taking progress on your shoulder. You are the foot soldiers; you are the Warriors that will take India to the highest level in the globe in 2047. Why? Because now facilities are available for pursuing higher education to get skill for starting any enterprise that they want; all irritants have been done away with.

Therefore, I appeal to the students, have a dream but don’t allow that dream to be just a dream. Your dream must result in some ground reality.

Never fear. Fear is the greatest killer, never have tension, never have stress, never have the bug of achieving something which others wanted to achieve.

Always believe in your attitude, aptitude and what you wish to be.

Avenues are enormous, much is opening these days. Kind of growth we have seen is unimaginable. The reputation of the country is rising globally. Therefore, the entire world is open to you for making contributions.

Make your university proud, make your teachers proud, make your state proud, your nation proud and develop one concept that Nation always first, nation above everything else, our nationalism is beyond compromise.

We must learn to be proud Indians and take pride in our achievements. After 34 years as the Honorable Governor pointed out, after taking input from all the stakeholders National Education Policy was evolved for you all so that education becomes purposeful, education does not graduate to degree orientation, education results in development of your skills and that big change has been the theme of National Education Policy.

I can assure you that National Education Policy is going to be a big game changer. It has replaced all that was getting into a system where our young boys and girls were not able to fully use their talent. It is a big change and this education policy is not a political policy. It is not a state policy; it is a national policy. Evolution of this policy has only one theme i.e. allow the students to fully exploit his or her potential and talent that is available to you.

I appeal to all of you to look around and you will have an idea. When you get an idea try to be a job creator and not a job seeker.

If you look around because of technological development you will find a number of areas where you can show your talent and improve the lights of the people and that is one aspect which you must bear in mind.

Let me give you some idea as to how our youth is being made available. Money is no problem if you have an idea in your mind.

Take for instance Mudra loan. We have a number of entrepreneurs. The amount of loan that has been distributed in Mudra scheme is mind boggling. We have seen ordinary people, men and women utilizing that loan for a small work and then finding employment not only for themselves but for others. It is a great opportunity.

If we go a little further, the Government of India scheme to give strength to the farmers has picked up and the amount that has so far been distributed is not small. 2.25 lakh crore to Indian farmers.

I told the Chief Minister when I first saw him at the airport that you are a footballer who doesn’t believe in taking corner kicks or penalty strikes but believes in scoring a goal and I have no doubt since he is a footballer, he knows the importance of team leader and he is the team leader.

There is a chance to score a goal not by himself but to someone else, he will give a pass and therefore results will come. This is my maiden visit but this is the beginning but not the end. I will continue coming to this place. I will stay overnight to get the feel of it.

I have been touched by the warmth of the people. What a gratifying moment to see both boys and girls on either side of the roads, I did have eye contact with some of them and I could see a sparkle in their eyes. I have no doubt that the happiness index of the state is very high.

I wish you well. It is a moment of honour and privilege for me and my wife. I would keep on coming here and would love to welcome young students from Manipur to the Parliament House. It will give me an opportunity to reciprocate the warmth and the hospitality which the Chief Minister and everyone have shown.

I strongly favour young people from the North East Visiting other parts of the country and inviting their counterparts, this should be structured. I am sure the honorable Chief Minister will bring it about and I will be a facilitator.

Once again Thank you and May God bless you. Never forget: No tension and No stress; never fear and take the plunge. History has been made by those who have fallen several times before creating history. You all will do it and you have the capacity to do it.

Best of Luck, Thank You.



Source PIB