Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh interacts with farmers and village representatives in Majalta area of district Udhampur in Jammu & Kashmir

Hitting back at the opposition parties and accusing them of misleading the innocent farmers, Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh said today that contrary to the false propaganda being spread, as per the new legislation, the farmer can terminate the contract at any time and can withdraw from the contract agreement at any point without any penalty.

During an interaction with farmers and village representatives of Majalta area in district Udhampur in Jammu & Kashmir, Dr Jitendra Singh categorically stated that a contract agreement will guarantee the farmers to get the fixed price. Moreover, the new legislation clearly prohibits sale, lease or mortgage of farmers’ land, he said. Therefore, there is no substance in the allegation by Congress leaders that big companies will exploit farmers in the name of contract, he added.


Dr Jitendra Singh said, particularly for the farmers living in far flung and hilly areas, the new legislative arrangement will prove to be a boon. Elaborating further, he said, earlier many of the farmers harvested their crops and then reconciled to their fate of a middle man coming and picking up the entire crop and giving them a petty cost depending on his will and choice, he said.

Dr Jitendra Singh said if there is any government which has done the maximum for the farmers in the minimum time span of six years, it is the government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Over the last six years, he recalled the numerous innovative reforms brought in by the Modi government which included Soil Health Card, PM KisanSammanNidhiYojna, Kisan Card, Micro-irrigation, creation of e-Mandis and FPOs.

Those who participated in the interaction included farmers from Thelora and surrounding Panchayats, representatives from village Kaley and surrounding areas. While advocate Amit Sharma conducted the interaction, others who spoke included Cap (Retd) Gopal Singh, Bishan Das and Suresh Kumar.





    Source PIB