Update on Covid Relief Aid

Reflecting the solidarity and goodwill towards India, the global community has extended a helping hand in supporting efforts of India in this collective fight against COVID-19. Government of India has designed a streamlined and systematic mechanism for effective allocation, and prompt distribution and delivery of the support supplies received by India. This will help to supplement the medical infrastructure of the tertiary care institutions and recipient States/UTs, and strengthen their clinical management capacities for effective clinical management of the hospitalised COVID19 patients. 

Government of India has been receiving international donations and aid of COVID-19 relief medical supplies and equipment since 27 April 2021 from different countries/organisations.

Cumulatively, 6738 Oxygen Concentrators; 3856 Oxygen Cylinders; 16 Oxygen Generation Plants; 4668 ventilators/Bi PAP; about 3L Remdesivir vials have been delivered/ dispatched, from 27th April 2021 to 08th May 2021.

Major items received on 8th May 2021 from Canada, Thailand, Netherland, Austria, Czech Republic, Israel, USA, Japan, Malaysia, US (GILEAD), US (Salesforce) and Indian community in Thailand includes:

  • Oxygen Concentrators (2404)
  • Remdesivir (25,000)
  • Ventilators (218)
  • Testing Kit (6,92,208)

Effective immediate allocation, and streamlined delivery to the recipient states/UTs and institutions is an ongoing exercise. This is being comprehensively monitored by the Union Health Ministry on a regular basis. 

Professor Randeep Guleria, Director AIIMS, New Delhi thanks all for sending foreign aid in form of medical equipments – Ventilators, Oxygen Cylinders and Oxygen Concentrators to fight huge surge of cases.  He also expressed his deep gratitude to everyone who have helped in fighting the pandemic.


[DD News twitter link: https://twitter.com/DDNewslive/status/1391323595930886147?s=08]



Dr Arvind Rajwanshi, Director, AIIMS Raebarelli speaks about the COVID-19 equipment received as part of foreign assistance for helping patients at AIIMS Raebarelli.


[DD News twitter link: https://twitter.com/DDNewslive/status/1391328402490105858?s=08]



Photo 1. 53 Ventilators received from Denmark readied for dispatch from New Delhi today for use in health facilities of the State of Maharashtra.

Dr S Kalyani, Medical Suprintendant, AIIMS Bibinagar, Telangana thanks GoI as well State government for bringing immediate foreign aid to the hospital. The Hospital has also received Oxygen Cylinders, Bi Pap machines and other Covid-19 equipment. She also appeals to the people to not panic and follow Covid Appropriate Behaviour.


[DD News twitter link: https://twitter.com/DDNewslive/status/1391337442058268674?s=08]


Prof. Dr Sarman Singh, Dir, AIIMS Bhopal thanks external donor agencies that have extended help. So far, they have received 80 BiPAP ventilators, 80 trollies, 100 Oxygen concentrators, 1 lakh masks and 5000 surgical gowns from foreign aid allocated by GOI.


[MoHFW twitter link: https://twitter.com/MoHFW_INDIA/status/1391055535038861321?s=08 ]


Prof. CM Singh, AIIMS, Patna speaks how the foreign aid will be helpful in the fight against the Pandemic for the hospital.


[MoHFW twitter link: https://twitter.com/MoHFW_INDIA/status/1391061196669784064?s=08 ]


Dr. Nitin Nagarkar, AIIMS Raipur says that the hospital has received 50 Oxygen Concentrators and 64 Jumbo Oxygen Cylinders and they have started using it immediately for patients.


[MoHFW twitter link: https://twitter.com/MoHFW_INDIA/status/1391059277951893505?s=08 ]


A dedicated Coordination Cell has been created in the Union Health Ministry to coordinate the receipt and allocation of foreign COVID relief material as grants, aid and donations. This Cell started functioning from 26th April 2021. A Standard Operating Procedure has been framed and implemented by the Health Ministry since 2nd May, 2021.



    Source PIB