Update on COVID Vaccine Allocation

The cumulative number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in the country is nearly 18  Crore (17.93 Crore, as per the 7 am provisional report today). COVID-19 vaccination drive has successfully completed 118 days wherein 17.89 Crore doses have been administered to the identified beneficiaries through collaborative efforts of all States/UTs. India is the fastest country globally to reach the 17 crore target in 114 days. USA took 115 days and China took 119 days to administer the same amount of doses.

The ‘Liberalized Pricing and Accelerated National COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy’ is being implemented from 1st May 2021 wherein 50% of the available doses are earmarked for supply to States/UTs, as free of cost supply from Govt of India channel, while the remaining 50% is available for direct procurement from the vaccine manufacturers by States/UTs and private hospitals.

The allocation of Govt. of India supplies to the State/UT is decided on the consumption pattern and beneficiary load for 2nd doses during the upcoming fortnight. During the 16th-31st May 2021 fortnight, 191.99 lakh doses of Covishield and Covaxin will be supplied to the States and UTs, free of cost.  This will include 162.5 lakh of Covishield and 29.49 lakh of Covaxin.

The delivery schedule for this allocation will be shared in advance. States have been requested to direct the concerned officials to ensure rational and judicious utilization of allocated doses and minimize the vaccine wastage.

The basic objective behind informing the States/UTs in advance of the quantum of free vaccine doses to be made available from Govt of India for 15 days is to ensure that they prepare effective plans for judicious and optimum utilisation of these free vaccine doses which are meant for the age group 45 and above, and for HCWs and FLWs. In the previous fortnight i.e. 1st-15th May, 2021, a total quantum of more than 1.7 crore vaccine doses has been made available by the Union Government to States, free of cost.

In addition, a total quantum of more than 4.39 crore doses was also available for direct procurement by the States as well as private hospitals in the month of May 2021.



HFW/COVID Fortnightly Vaccine Allocation/14th May2021/2

    Source PIB