Aesthetic Dhokra Decorative Pieces Added to the Tribes India Collection

Exquisite Dhokra products from different tribes of India were among the main items added in its 7th edition of “From Our Home to your Home” campaign on Tribes India, which focusses on sourcing new, natural, attractive as well as immunity-boosting tribal products and bringing them to the customer.35 new products were included in the Tribes India catalogue over the past week. Key among them are the dhokra style metal work. Dhokra is a non-ferrous metal casting style which uses the lost-wax technique. This style of metal casting has been in vogue in all parts of India for centuries. The dhokra products reflect the simplicity and motifs of tribal and folk life and make for excellent gifting options. Hence they are popular both in India and abroad.


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Among the dhokra products being introduced on Tribes India are attractive statues of fish, elephants and hangers in the boat jail design from the Lohra tribes of Jharkhand. From the Sadeibarainitribals from Odisha, Ganesha statues, including a dancing Ganesha, a mask of Goddess Durga and Lord Jagannath, a Buddha Jaali and beautiful diyas in different shapes have been sourced. These reasonably priced items will enhance the décor of any house and make for thoughtful gifts.

Other products include products from the Kattunayakan tribes of Tamil Nadu. These include different variants of pure, unadulterated honey, tasty pickles such as amla, vadu mango, ragiand types of rice. From the tribes of Assam, pure ghee, organic poha, pickles, raw honey have been sourced. All the new products introduced are available in 125 Tribes India outlets, Tribes India mobile vans and also on online platforms such as the Tribes India E-marketplace ( and e-tailers.

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Many new products (immunity boosting products, produce in the Forest Fresh and Organics range and tribal arts and handicrafts) have been included in the past two months. The recently launched Tribes India e-marketplace, India’s largest handicraft and organic products marketplace which will connect 5 lakh tribal enterprises to national and international markets, showcases tribal produce and handicrafts, making them accessible to customers across the country. With a variety of natural and sustainable produce and products, the Tribes India e-marketplace offers a glimpse into the age-old traditions of our tribal brethren. Do check out  Buy Local Buy Tribal!




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