Artillery Gun ‘Dhanushya’ in News

After more than 30 years, India has successfully developed its own artillery gun. India will soon induct the indigenously designed, developed and manufactured artillery gun Dhanushya.

No new artillery gun had been introduced since 30 years. First time India has successfully developed and tested it. The field trials have been completed for Dhanushya, which has 155 mmx45 calibre.

It is based on the concept of Bofors gun, which was of 155mm and 39 calibre, this one is 155 mmx45 calibre having higher range than the previous one. Successful trials are conducted.

Another self-propelled artillery gun with 155×52 calibre is in the final stage of order. A joint-venture between L&T and Samsung of South Korea is making it. It has more than 50 per cent of the components made in India. The first lot probably will be ordered during the current financial year.