COVID19 Vaccination Update

A new feature “Know Your Vaccination Status” has been enabled on the CoWIN digital platform.

This will help to verify/retrieve a citizen’s vaccination status/details as per the authorised rights of the verifying entity by Co-WIN/MoHFW. The service could be utilized by a service provider (private entities like travel agencies, offices, employers, entertainment agencies etc or government agencies like IRCTC, Govt offices etc.) for facilitating a service requested by the citizen.

Advantages of “Know Your Vaccination Status” feature:

The service is being built to help citizens who may not have the vaccine certificate available in digital or paper form for availing a requested service and can support the service provider to verify the vaccination status/vaccination digital record  of the citizen as per the authorized permission of the requesting entity.


Some of the advantages of using this service are:

  1. The service helps in verifying the vaccination status of individuals. The vaccination status can be fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, or not vaccinated.
  2. The service can be utilised by travel agencies and help making travel safe for individuals by allowing travel only for vaccinated individuals.
  3. Employers can use this service to verify vaccination status of employees and resume the functions in offices, workplaces etc.
  4. This service will help in resuming and catalysing the economic activities in country.

Services offered:


  • Verifying a person’s COVID vaccination status without revealing beneficiary’s protected health data
  • This service may be enabled via open APIs or No-code webpage integration that Co-WIN has created for private / government service providers to retrieve a person’s vaccination status via an authentication API/ No-code webpage integration with the following responses –

• Not vaccinated

• Partially vaccinated

• Fully Vaccinated

To avail of “Know your Vaccination Status” service on Co-WIN, the user may follow the given steps:


  1. User clicks on “Know Your Vaccination Status service” tab on Co-WIN home page:


  1. The user will be redirected to the webpage, as below:


Graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated


  1. The next steps are as follows:
  1. The Service Provider will submit the beneficiary’s full name and mobile number registered on Co-WIN
  2. The service provider’s application will call Co-WIN’s vaccination authentication API/ No code webpage integration
  3. Co-WIN will validate/authenticate the request as per the authorization details/permission and correct name and mobile number combination
  4. An OTP will be sent to beneficiary’s registered mobile number
  5. Beneficiary is requested to provide the OTP to the service provider via a data entry screen in the beneficiary UI
  6.  On successful mobile OTP authentication, Co-WIN will share back the vaccination status with vaccination event details and demographics. On registering the vaccination status request, Co-WIN will validate the request and send back a valid response, either Not vaccinated, Partially vaccinated, or Fully Vaccinated as explained above.


  1. The individual could also share graphics on Social Media of their vaccination status.





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