DNA Profiling of Indian Soldiers

Armed Forces Medical Research Committee (AFMRC) approved a pilot project (2012-2014) titled “Development of Protocol for DNA Profiling (Identification) and Repository of Personnel of Armed Forces”.

armyThe pilot project has been completed. The objectives of the project were to devise a protocol for collection, preservation and transportation of blood samples of the soldiers, maintain absolute accuracy in personnel information and tagging of specimen and to devise protocol for procedure for identifying service personnel from any fragment of body tissue.

Standing Operating Procedure for collection of blood samples of soldiers posted at different locations all over the country and their transport to DNA repository, storage and profiling laboratory at Armed Forces Medical College, Pune has been developed.

No project based on the outcome of the pilot project has been scaled up so far. Army has a well established procedure / system for identification of a soldier in the forward area / battle zone.

Identification is done by physical examination, identification marks, finger print (Thumb impression) and personal effects of the deceased.