Greek film Dignity attempts to convey that Family Relations matter more than money: Greek Actor Athanasios Chalkias

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Goa, 23 November 2023


Athanasios Chalkias, the lead actor of the Greek film Dignity said that greed for money not only ruins relationship between members of the family but also among that between nations which might result in war. He was addressing the media as his film was screened under the Cinema of the World category at the 54th International Film Festival of India.

The film at a metaphoric level explores the theme of personal greed at the cost of the dignity of the family. The film attempts to extrapolate the theme and extend it to national, international and global competitions for wealth at the cost of human values and proves that the same is disastrous and undesirable. 

Actor Athanasios shared that in acting, theatrical rehearsals were very helpful in character-development and bonding among the cast and crew. Expressing his appreciation for the Director Dimitris Katsimiris, he said “he employed a unique filming approach of shooting an uninterrupted 8-minute short film, shot from multiple angles.”

Athanasios expressed confidence that the film will be a powerful reminder of the importance of family and the importance of treating our elders with respect and dignity.

A moving and poignant account of the familial, the film explores the challenges of aging and the importance of family. The film tells the story of Antonios, an 80-year-old man who is forced to move from his rural village to the city to live with his son and daughter-in-law after his wife’s death. As Antonios’s birthday approaches, his son confesses that he can no longer care for him, and the responsibility of caring for Antonios falls on his other family members.

The film follows Antonios’s journey as he adjusts to his new life and tries to rebuild relationships with his family. It also explores the challenges faced by elderly people in Greece, such as isolation, loneliness, and lack of access to adequate care.


Cast and Crew:

Director:   Dimitris Katsimiris.

Cast:  Vaggelio Andreadaki, Thanassis Chalkias,Athanasios Chalkias,Ilektra Gennata,Charis Tsitskis,Aggeliki Stefani.

Screenwriter: Dimitris Katsimiris.

Cinematography: Vasilis Stavropoulos.

Editor: Vasilis Stavropoulos.

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