‘Hadinelentu’ portrays the sensitive issues teenagers face in the urban society of our times: Director Prithvi Konanur

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#IFFIWood, 21 November 2022


Hadinelentu is a poignant take on two adolescent students whose life is thrown into a tumultuous state of existence due to one sheer act of recklessness.  

Director  Prithvi Konanur  while attending the ‘Table Talks’ organised by PIB at 53rd International Film Festival of India, in Goa today said the film revolves around these two students for whom life becomes a nightmare when one ordeal is changed by another, and the flux of tough situations they have to endure never stops.

The Kannada movie was the opening film under Indian Panorama Feature Films section at IFFI 53.

Hadinelentu tells the story of Deepa and Hari who, by an act of impulse record their intimate moments in a classroom after college hours which gets leaked online and how it sets a fire that rages out of control when caste and economic divide plays the villain in their life.  

According to Prithvi Konanur,  the films deals with varied subjects including  patriarchy, caste discrimination, the economic divide, the societal obligations and complications which makes a clear distinction between the haves and have nots . “It explores what ordinary people have to endure when they gets embroiled in unexpected circumstances,” he added.

Talking about the ending of the film where it neither takes sides nor passes a judgement, the director said, “We have left it opened for the imagination of the audience.”

As per the director, the title Hadinelentu is derived from the combination of Kannada words for seventeen and eighteen to depict the adolescent age of the protagonists.

Actors Sherlyn Bhosale and Neeraj Matthew, who plays the protagonists Deepa and Hari, also attended the ‘Table Talks’ along with other cast and crew.

Director Prithvi Konanur’s films have been screened, nominated and have won awards at various international film festivals. Hadinelentu is his fourth film and had its World Premiere at Busan International Film Festival 20


About the movie:

Director : Prithvi Konanur

Producer: Konanur Productions

Screenplay: Prithvi Konanur, Anupama Hegde

Cinematographer: Arjun Raja

Editor: Shivakumara Swamy

Cast: Sherlyn Bhosale, Neeraj Matthew, Rekha Kudligi, Bhavani Prakash, Ravi Hebballi



Class 12 students Deepa and Hari, record their intimate moments in a classroom after college hours on a Saturday afternoon on Deepa’s phone. On Monday they are summoned by the principal and told to their horror that their video is now on the internet. Their families are shattered. The college administration decides their fate while they remain rusticated. But things begin to spiral out of control when the question of their caste comes to the fore.


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