ICC Withdraws 2-Tier Test Proposal

The International Cricket Council withdrew its proposal of having a ‘Two-Tier’ Test system following opposition from BCCI with the support of Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.

The two-tier Test system proposal has been taken off the table keeping in mind the objections raised by four members. The ICC will now look afresh at the whole aspect.

Any structural change to be passed by the ICC needs a clear 2/3rd majority and it would have been difficult to pass this proposal as it required 7 out of 10 votes.

The Two-tier Test System Proposal:

The new system would see two clear-cut divisions. Division 1 comprising of the 7 top ranked teams and division 2 comprising of mostly 5 nations that would include teams ranked 8, 9 & 10 currently in the world and 2 more nations that would be announced later.

Ireland, Nepal & Afghanistan have all been touted as potential options.

Teams would play each other in a two-year cycle that would see 1 team promoted and one relegated. There is also the possibility of another team being promoted if the ICC decides on including a playoff match between the team ranked 9th in division 1 and ranked 2nd in division 2.