India-Belarus Cooperation in Vocational Education

Indian government has given its ex-post facto approval for a MOU between India and Belarus for cooperation in the field of Vocational Education and Training (VET). The MoU was signed in September, 2017.

This is for the first time MoU for cooperation in area of vocational education, training and skill development has been signed with Eurasian country.

Belarus has a large concentration of industries, mainly into manufacturing and heavy industries, which draw their strength from available skilled manpower and a highly developed skill training system.

The transfer of knowledge of their skilling methodology will immensely help in our initiatives like “Make in India” and “Skill India”.

This MoU would pave the way for systematic transfer of their expertise and knowhow in skilling the manpower specially in manufacturing sector.

Cooperation between two countries in identified areas would be implemented through establishing institutional partnerships between Republican Institute for Vocational Education” (RIPO) , an apex institution for development of Belarusian vocational education system and Directorate General of Training for transfer of technology in VET delivery & its sustainability.

Cooperation with Sectoral VET/ Centres of Excellence of Belarus is proposed for Research and Development in the skilling ecosystem.

The areas of cooperation are as under:

– The Belarusian side shall provide comprehensive transfer of know-how of emerging technologies, training and evaluation methodologies, content development for regular / distance learning / e-learning/training of master trainers, competency building of the assessors in area of their competency and network building & industry linkage;

– Vocational education services for Indian citizens for skill development in the field of construction, electric-power production and distribution, manufacturing industry, trade, auto service and household goods repair and maintenance, transport, communication, hotels and restaurants as well as other fields being in high demand in India;

– Retraining, up-skilling, internship for Vocational Education and Training managers, teachers and trainers of India by the Belarusian Side;

– Advisory services in order to enhance planning, management and delivery of Vocational Education and Training and Skill Development.

Major impact:

The MoU would bring in Belarus experience and expertise for overall improvement in skill eco system of the country.

Implementation of proposal includes innovation and improvement in the existing vocational education and skill development through Research and Development in the field.

The financial arrangement for the co-operative activities undertaken within the framework of this MoU shall be mutually agreed upon by the Parties on a case-by-case basis, subject to the availability of funds.