India and Marrakesh Climate Conference

The main thrust of COP 22 was to develop rules for operationalizing the Paris agreement and advance work on Pre-2020 actions. India, led by Minister of State (Independent Charge) of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Anil Madhav Dave, participated constructively, in association with developing countries, to ensure that climate actions are based on the principles of equity and Common But Differentiated Responsibilities (CBDR) and climate justice.

The Paris Agreement has clearly recognised the principle of differentiation between developed and developing countries and the current ground was focused on operationalizing it in rules pertaining to Adaptation, Mitigation, Finance, Technology transfer, capacity-building and transparency frameworks.

The “Marrakech Action Proclamation for our climate and sustainable development” captured the sense of urgency to take action on climate change, while ensuring sustainable development. It initiated work on Adaptation Fund to serve the Paris Agreement.

The Pre-2020 action, including mobilization of $ 100 billion per year and other support to developing countries was a key element of the Proclamation.

Overall, the outcomes represent a forward movement in the climate actions, especially on the implementation front. Procedural discussions and decisions to develop the Rule Book for Paris Agreement were advanced in many ways at this conference.

It was agreed that submissions from Parties will be invited and technical workshops will be held to develop clarity and understanding on these issues.

India participated in the Facilitative Dialogue on Pre-2020 actions and highlighted various time-bound actions that can be taken to bridge the emission gap and provide accelerated support to developing countries.

The India Pavilion at COP22 was a centre of attraction at COP 22 and received wide acclamation. Over 20 side-events were held on India’s action on climate change with broad participation from different ministries, civil society, NGOs, industry etc.

COP 22 on Climate Change had begun on November 7 and concluded on November 18, 2016.