Indian Coal Mines in Operation

Under the provisions of the Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Act, 2015, and the rules made there under, 83 coal mines have been allocated for specified end uses which includes Power, Steel, Cement and Captive Power Production as well as for sale of coal.

Out of the 83, 31 coal mines (17 Schedule II & 14 Schedule III) have been allocated through auction.

For the purpose of auction, specified end-uses other than power viz. Iron & Steel, Cement and Captive Power Plants have been clubbed as “Non-Regulated Sector”.

The Government has so far successfully auctioned 22 coal mines to the ‘Non-Regulated Sector’ and 9 coal mines for specified end use ‘Power’ under the said Act, the details of which are as given below:

S. No. Specified End Use Name of Coal Mine
 / Block
Successful Bidder Schedule Mining Operations Commenced/
Mine Opening Permission  Granted
1 Non -Regulated Sector Belgaon Sunflag Iron and Steel Company Limited II Yes (7)
2 Bicharpur UltraTech Cement Limited
3 Chotia Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd.
4 Gare Palma IV‐4 Hindalco Industries Limited
5 Gare Palma IV‐5 Hindalco Industries Limited
6 Mandla North Jaiprakash Associates Limited
7 SialGhoghri Reliance Cement Company Pvt. Ltd.
8 Gare Palma IV‐7 Monnet Ispat& Energy Limited No
9 Kathautia Hindalco Industries Limited
10 MarkiMangli III B.S. Ispat Limited
11 MarkiMangli-I TopworthUrja and Metals Ltd
12 Ardhagram OCL Iron & Steel Limited
13 Mandla‐South Jaypee Cement Corporation Limited III Yes (1)
14-15 Brinda and Sasai USHA MARTIN Limited No
16 Dumri Hindalco Industries Limited
17 Gare‐Palma Sector
Ambuja Cements Limited
18 Lohari AraanyaMines Private Limited
19 Majra Jaypee Cement Corporation Limited
20 Meral Trimula Industries Limited
21 Moitra JSW Steel Limited
22 Nerad Malegaon Indrajit Power Private Limited
23 Power Amelia North Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited II Yes (3)
24 Sarisatolli CESC Limited
25 Talabira‐I GMR Chhattisgarh Energy Limited
26 Tokisud North ESSAR Power MP Limited No
27 Trans Damodar The Durgapur Projects Limited
28 Ganeshpur GMR Chhattisgarh Energy Limited III
29 Jitpur Adani Power Limited
30 Mandakini Mandakini Exploration and Mining Limited
31 Utkal ‐ C Monnet Power Company Ltd

Out of the 17 Schedule II coal mines auctioned under the provisions of the Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Act, 2015 which were operational before cancellation of the 204 blocks by the Supreme Court, mining operations have commenced/mine opening permission granted in 10 Schedule II coal mines.

In addition, 1 Schedule III coal mine is also operational. Since commencement of mining operations, 9.56 Million Tonnes (provisional) of coal have been produced from these coal mines subsequent to allocation under the said Act.

Rest of the Schedule II coal mines are in the process of starting mining operations after obtaining necessary statutory clearances as well as appointment of mining contractor. Almost all the clearances at the level of the Central Government have been granted for commencement of mining operations.