Jammu & Kashmir MSMEs enlighten themselves with CSIR-CMERI Advanced Oxygen Technologies

A Webinar on ‘Oxygen Enrichment Unit- Seeking MSME partners for solving the Oxygen Crisis’ was organised by MSME-DI, Jammu in association with CSIR-CMERI on 4thJune2021 for the MSMEs of the region. The Webinar was attended by Mr. Shahid Kamli, President, Federation Chamber of Industries Kashmir (FCIK), Shri Sanjeet Verma, I/C, SIDBI, J&K, Shri Mahinder Kumar Sharma, Assistant Director, Directorate of Industries and Commerce, J&K and numerous representatives of MSMEs & Business Enterprises.

Prof. Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI, shared that CSIR-CMERI already has a diverse portfolio of Innovation, which can help address the various societal, economic and environmental issues being faced by the U/Ts of Jammu and Kashmir. The Municipal Solid Waste Management Technology, Aqua Rejuvenation Sewage Treatment Plants, Solar Technologies, E-Tractors, E-Tillers, Compact Tractors and Bio-Mass Processing are perfect to tackle the harsh terrain and marginal farm fields of the region. Prof. Hirani stated that Oxygen Therapy will absolutely relevant even in the days to come, since it is used as a Non-Invasive Therapy for faster Wound Healing, Cell Repair and self-healing of organs. Jammu & Kashmir which has tremendous tourist footfall in normal times can provide oxygen rejuvenation hubs for the tourists, especially to tackle high altitude related issues.

Intensive studies and latest medical reports suggest that a normal person requires oxygen in the range of 5-8 LPM. However, for Lungs impairment issue the requirement is doubled for faster Lungs repair in cases such as Pulmonary Fibrosis. While delivering Oxygen it is equally important to ensure that there is no Oxygen Leakage through wastage or leakage of Viral Load, as is evident from Medical Reports indicating such transmission while using Nasal Cannula/ Rebreather/Oxygen Masks. CSIR-CMERI is working upon the development of Oxygen delivery using NIV Masks/Hoods which would have dedicated inlet and exhale channels. The exhaling channel would be equipped with an efficient Viral/Bacterial Filter for trapping any transmission. This would be extremely helpful in enclosed spaces such as Isolation Wards.

The CSIR-CMERI Oxygen Enrichment Technology is a decentralised and in-situ technology for Oxygen Generation. The technology performance with market available technologies has also been tested in an altitude testing setup for analysis and it has been observed that it can easily out-compete other market available products even at an altitude of 14,000 feet. Prof. Hirani also showcased simulated environments for two Lungs Impairment Scenarios i.e. Scenario-I for patients without breathing problems and Scenario-II for patients with breathing problems. This technology can also easily be converted to Oxygen Concentrators to cater to the demands of the Government Tenders by the MSMEs.

Advanced Oxygen Enrichment Technology is also being developed having Independent Controls for Oxygen Enrichment (FiO2) and Flow Rate.  It will be equipped with SPO2 sensor and C-PAP with an estimated capacity of 15 LPM. The Prototype experiments have been showing encouraging results.

The Hybrid Version of the Advanced Oxygen Enrichment Technology will have the added advantage of being able to function along with Hospital Oxygen/Oxygen Cylinders for Intelligent Switching and Interventions in a variable manner. This complete functionality will help in the setting up of Mini-ICUs even in Small Dispensaries, Primary Healthcare Facilities and Small Hospitals thus helping offload large Medical Establishments. Besides, if such Oxygen Technologies can be integrated with Air Conditioning Facilities it will be a game-changer and India might soon be a World Leader.

Shri Sanjeet Verma, I/C, SIDBI-J&K, gave a detailed presentation on the Government of India SAFE, SHWAS and AROG Financial Assistance schemes for the MSMEs. He urged the MSMEs of the region to come forward and espouse latest Oxygen Technologies to ensure sufficient Oxygen Supply across the Nation.

Mr. Shahid Kamli, President, FCIK, expressed concerns about the future economic viability of Oxygen Technologies. However, all his queries about the economic uncertainties of Oxygen Technology were discussed in detail by Prof. Harish Hirani in his elaborate presentation and its Economic Opportunities. He also appreciated CSIR-CMERI for coming up with the solution of Oxygen Therapy.

Shri Shaheel Allaqband, Assistant Director, MSME-DI, Jammu expressed his appreciation for the wonderful R&D by CMERI and thanked Prof. Harish Hirani for enlightening the MSMEs and Entrepreneurs about the tremendous potential of Oxygen Technologies and its diverse applications.

Shri Mahinder Kumar Sharma, Assistant Director, DIC, appreciated the hard work and innovative progress of CSIR-CMERI in the domain of Oxygen Technology. He encouraged the MSMEs of the region to adopt and manufacture the product for the people of the region utilizing the Financial Assistance schemes provided by SIDBI.

Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Dy Director, MSME-DI, J&K, and stated that such a fruitful interaction disseminated amongst the MSMEs of the region will go a long way in improving both the Oxygen and Economic Scenario for the MSEs of the region.



    Source PIB