Largest Aircraft ‘Airlander 10’ Completes Test Flight

The world’s largest aircraft has successfully completed a test flight, bringing the massive helium-filled airship one step closer to commercial use.

The hybrid aircraft dubbed the Airlander 10 combines technology from airplanes, helicopters and airships. It is designed to fly at altitudes of 6,100 meters for up to five days. with a length of 92 metres, it is the largest aircraft currently flying.

In May 2017, the Airlander 10 flew for a total of 180 minutes to test the aircraft’s handling, improved landing technology and more.

This was only the third flight of the Airlander 10. It first successfully flew in 2012 as part of the US Army’s Long Endurance Multi-intelligence Vehicle programme.

The modified Airlander 10 made its maiden voyage in August 2016, kicking off a flight test programme to assess the aircraft’s performance and attempting to fly the airship farther away from its base in the UK.