List of Newly Approved Nuclear Power Stations in India

The Government has accorded ‘in principle’ approval of five sites for locating 28 nuclear power reactors with a total capacity of about 32000 MW.

In addition, there are presently nine reactors under construction with a total capacity of 6700 MW. The Government has also recently accorded administrative approval and financial sanction for twelve reactors with a total capacity of 9000 MW.

Presently, following nuclear power projects are under various stages of construction:

Project Location & State Capacity(MW)
KAPP-3&4 Kakrapar, Gujarat 2 x 700
RAPP-7&8 Rawatbhata, Rajasthan 2 x 700
KKNPP– 3&4 Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu 2 x 1000
PFBR Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu 500
GHAVP-1&2 Gorakhpur, Haryana 2 x 700

In addition, following nuclear power projects have been accorded financial sanction and administrative approval by the Government:

Project Location & State Capacity(MW)
Projects Accorded Administrative Approval & Financial Sanction
GHAVP-3&4 Gorakhpur, Haryana 2 x 700
Kaiga-5&6 Kaiga, Karnataka 2 x 700
Chutka-1&2 Chutka, Madhya Pradesh 2 x 700
Mahi Banswara-1 to 4 Mahi Banswara, Rajasthan 4 x 700
KKNPP-5&6 Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu 2 x 1000

The Government has also accorded ‘In principle’ approval of the following sites for setting up nuclear power plants in future.

Sites Accorded ‘In-Principle’ Approval
Bhimpur, Units-1 to 4 Bhimpur, Madhya Pradesh 4 x 700
Jaitapur, Units-1 to 6 Jaitapur, Maharashtra 6 x 1650
Kovvada, Units-1 to 6 Kovvada, Andhra Pradesh 6 x 1208
Chhaya Mithi Virdi, Units-1 to 6 Chhaya Mithi Virdi, Gujarat 6 x 1000
Haripur, Units-1 to 6 Haripur, West Bengal 6 x 1000

On completion of the projects presently under construction and accorded financial sanction, the installed nuclear power capacity is expected to reach 10080 MW by 2020 and over 20000 MW by 2031.