Morales Elected Guatemala President

Former comedian Jimmy Morales has been elected as Guatemala President. The Supreme Electoral Tribunal reported that Morales got about 72 percent of the votes.

The runoff was held a month and a half after President Otto Perez Molina resigned and was jailed in connection with a corruption scandal.

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An estimated 7.5 million people were eligible to vote in the second round.

The headquarters of Morales’ National Convergence Front (FCN) party erupted in a celebration with live music and dozens of early revelers.

Morales parlayed his high name recognition to become a public face of the anti-corruption protests, using social media and other platforms favored by the demonstrators to ally himself with the cause.

The scandal, the worst in a string of recent corruption cases, has created an unprecedented climate of outrage in Guatemala, an impoverished Central American country torn by gang violence and still recovering from a 36-year civil war that ended in 1996.

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Guatemala is one of Latin America’s poorer countries. It’s also a haven for drug traffickers and has the world’s fifth-highest homicide rate (per UN data).