National Green Tribunal Bans Chinese Manjha

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has imposed a country-wide ban on “Chinese manjha”, a string used in kite flying.

A bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar directed all state governments to prohibit the “manufacture, sale, storage, purchase and use” of synthetic manja or nylon threads and all other synthetic threads used for flying kites.

In a 113-page order, the NGT directed state governments to enforce the directive.

“There shall be a total ban on the manjha or thread for kite flying which is made of nylon or any synthetic material and or is coated with synthetic substance and is non-biodegradable,” said an NGT bench headed by chairperson justice Swatanter Kumar.

The judgement described Chinese manjha as one that is made of synthetic material/yarn in place of cotton and has a coating of material that can cut the skin of animals and human beings. Such string is also a good conductor of electricity, resulting in many accidents from it getting snarled up in high-tension electricity lines.

The bench noted that tradition of kite-flying is deep-rooted in India and has become a part of various festivals. But the use of Chinese manjha has not only resulted in injuries to birds, animals and human beings, but also caused fatal accidents.

In December 2016, the NGT had imposed an interim nationwide ban on the use of glass-coated manjha.