National Seismological Network

At present National Centre of Seismology (NCS) , Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), maintains a National Seismological Network (NSN) comprising of 84 (eighty four) digital (Electronic) permanent seismological field stations.

NCS is in process of installation of 31 more new seismological observatories. The new seismological observatories state-wise are Haryana (4), Uttarakhand (1), Delhi (3), Jammu & Kashmir (2), Himachal Pradesh (3), Uttar Pradesh (5), Jharkhand (1), Bihar (4), West Bengal (1), Punjab (1) Rajasthan (2), Madhya Pradesh (2), Chhattisgarh (1) and Lakshdweep (1).

These observatories will have digital broadband seismograph system with VSAT communication.

However, there is no proven scientific technique available anywhere in the world till date, to forecast the occurrence of earthquake with reasonable degree of accuracy with regard to space, time and magnitude.

The Ground motion data recorded by the digital seismograph are used for estimation of magnitude and other earthquake parameters. It may be reiterated that the present set up is not used for forecasting earthquakes.

New (31) seismological observatories will be installed by March 2018.

Guidelines have been published by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) and Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) etc for design and construction of earthquake resistant structures to minimize loss of life and damage to property caused by earthquakes.

These guidelines are in wide circulation amongst the public and administrative authorities responsible for design and construction of earthquake resistant houses / structures in earthquake prone areas.

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) under Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), other state Disaster Management Authorities, have also taken up various initiatives to educate and bring awareness amongst general public and school children on the general aspects of earthquakes, their impacts and measures to mitigate losses caused by them.