PM GatiShakti National Master Plan – “An impetus to Power infrastructure development”

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The Prime Minister launched PM GatiShakti-National Master Plan (NMP) for infrastructure development in October, 2021 with the objective to bring different Ministries/ Utilities & infrastructure planning under a single unified vision, across all sectors such as  Highways, Railways, Aviation, Gas, Power transmission, Renewable Energy etc. Such an unprecedented initiative outlines the vision for infrastructure development across the country including “Power” in general and “Transmission” in particular, which strengthens the energy life-line of the country.

It would be a game changer providing multi-modal connectivity of infrastructures to various economic zones by leveraging technology extensively including spatial planning tools with indigenous ISRO imagery developed by BISAG-N, Gujarat, fulfilling the objective of “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

As country takes strides towards strengthening its infrastructure, power plays a pivotal role in development of infrastructure and the economy. The PM GatiShakti NMP portal provides “One-click Comprehensive view” to steer and simplify the planning & implementation process by reduction of time and cost of implementation in Power transmission projects.  It would also aid in improving logistics efficiency through single digital platform & multi-modal portal.

In development of Power Transmission projects, PM GatiShakti NMP portal shall play critical role in Planning, Tendering, Implementation and Approval stages.  At planning stage, user shall identify the tentative line length of the planned transmission line and location of the substation(s). Under tendering/bidding stage, the survey agency will utilize the portal for identifying the best techno-economical route. During Implementation stage, based on actual conditions, finalization of the transmission line route and location of substation shall be done. Lastly, approval stage is envisaged for single window clearance.

PM’s call for “One Sun, One World, One Grid” has set the tone for strong and reliable transmission system which will support India’s Renewable Energy (RE) ambitions along with supplementing growth of renewables globally. Power transmission has been an enabler in the RE story and various key Power projects are enabling RE evacuation across country.  Of these projects, Ministry of Power has undertaken 9  High Impact Power projects (10 no. of transmission lines) spanning over 6 RE rich States Viz. Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu. The requisite details of projects have been mapped in the portal, by creating a separate layer of ISTS transmission lines incorporating basic data (like Line route, tower location, location of substation, name of owner etc.). 

In line with goal of PM GatiShakti, entire “existing” Inter State Transmission System ( ISTS) lines have been mapped on the portal spanning across length and breadth of the country. Also, 90% “under construction” ISTS lines have also been integrated in the portal and remaining 10% ISTS lines are to be integrated after finalization of route survey by respective Transmission Service Providers.

PM GatiShakti NMP portal will ultimately aid in solving problems of development of infrastructures in the country by building secure, sustainable, scalable and collaborative approach towards infrastructure planning for seamless connectivity to economic zones. Now, with PM GatiShakti NMP portal and onset of more holistic & comprehensive approach towards planning for Ministries, Utilities and Infrastructure, we as a nation are well poised to take giant stride towards evolving into 5 trillion dollars economy while enabling reliable “Power to All”.





Source PIB