President of India Lays Foundation Stone for Bhagwan Mahavir Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi

The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind laid the foundation stone for Bhagwan Mahavir Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi today (May 3, 2022). 

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that priority has been given to service in the Jain tradition. He noted that a state-of-the-art Bhagwan Mahavir Super Speciality Hospital with 250 beds would be completed by the year 2023. He said that it is a matter of happiness that in this super specialty hospital, high quality health services will be made available to all sections of the society at affordable rates, and free of cost to the poor. He was also happy to note that this Hospital has rendered its services as Covid care Hospital during the pandemic. He cautioned people that Covid is not completely over yet. He appealed all citizens to be alert and follow all the government’s guidelines. 

Speaking about the importance of face masks, the President said that we know that the introduction of surgical masks into modern history dates back to the year 1897 when surgeons began using masks to protect themselves from bacteria during operations. But Jain saints understood the importance of masks centuries ago. By covering their mouth and nose, they were not only able to avoid killing living beings but they also able to prevent the entry of micro-organisms into their body. During the Covid-19 pandemic, masks have been used as an effective means of protection against the virus.  He said that Jain saints also laid great emphasis on walking to underline the importance of physical exercise. He expressed confidence that this hospital would follow the path of making humanity healthy on the basis of scientific traditions shown by the saints. 

The President said that the Jain tradition teaches us to adopt a balanced and environment friendly lifestyle. The way of life and eating habits in present times is not suitable with the nature. We know that Jain saints and their disciplined followers eat their food only between sunrise and sunset. Adopting the lifestyle according to the daily movement of the Sun is an easy way to stay healthy. This is the lesson we get from the ideal lifestyle of Jain saints. He said that integration of such scientific traditions with modern medical systems in hospitals will be helpful for a healthy life.

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Source PIB