Special Campaign 3.0 in full swing in Ministry of Home Affairs

azadi ka amrit mahotsav

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is conducting Special Campaign 3.0 with an all-round approach, prioritizing space management, workplace experience and cleanliness sites within the Ministry and across its subordinate/attached/field offices.

The Campaign has seen enthusiastic participation from the offices and officials of MHA. Till 25th October 2023, MHA along with its subordinate/attached/field offices has conducted 7811 cleanliness campaigns. As on date, MHA has successfully disposed 100% of its identified 3676 Public Grievances.

MHA has generated approx. Rs. 4.64 crore revenue during the first three weeks of October 2023 along with freeing up of a total of 1,27,767 square feet of workspace. Under the Campaign, daily progress report is being monitored through an intra-ministry portal as part of best practices of the Ministry

The Ministry has initiated a systematic review of physical and electronic files. 81284 physical files have been reviewed so far and 53519 redundant files have been weeded out. This has freed significant working space in the office.

MHA is also using social media to conduct outreach with public and highlighting its efforts under Special Campaign 3.0. More than 1600 tweets have been posted on ‘X’ and various other social media platforms, by the CAPFs, UT Governments and also other attached/subordinate offices of MHA.

Some of the highlights of the activities undertaken during Special Campaign are as under:

10 BN CRPF.jpeg

The Ministry of Home Affairs is leaving no stone unturned to achieve the identified targets and making Special campaign 3.0 a big success.



Source PIB