Swadhar Greh Scheme: Latest Information

The Swadhar Greh Scheme is under implementation w.e.f. 01.01.2016 after merger of the two earlier schemes viz. Swadhar and Short Stay Home. Swadhar Greh Scheme targets the women victims of unfortunate circumstances who are in need of institutional support for rehabilitation so that they could lead their life with dignity.

The Scheme envisages providing shelter, food, clothing and health as well as economic and social security for the women victims of difficult circumstances.

The number of Swadhar Grehs presently functional in the country alongwith number of women beneficiaries is as below:

No. of Swadhar Greh No. of beneficiaries
551 16530

The revised Swadhar Greh Scheme envisages one swadhar Greh with the capacity of 30 women has to be set up in every district. For big cities and other districts having more than 40 lakh population or those districts where there is a need for additional support to the women, more than one Swadhar Greh could be established.

As per the revised guidelines, the States/UTs are competent to sanction the new proposals after placing them before the Project Sanctioning Committee of the State/UT concerned.

The scheme envisages monitoring of the NGOs at three levels, i.e. District level, State level and Central level for proper implementation of the Scheme.

In order to ensure proper utilization of funds and monitoring, security clearance is obtained from Ministry of Home Affairs in respect of NGOs operating in North Eastern States.