Telangana Complained Against Bajaj Committee

Telangana State has decided to lodge a complaint with the Union Ministry of Water Resources against Bajaj Committee which visited Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to address the pending Krishna river water dispute between the two states.

The Telangana government took strong objection to the committee demanding that the details of the minor irrigation facility in the Telangana be given to them.

Telangana government expressed serious doubts over the committees’ ‘double standards’ in approaching Telangana and AP in seeking the details of the water utilization in Krishna and addressing the contentious issue of water sharing.

The silence of the committee on its demand for compensating diversion by A.P. of Godavari water to the Krishna basin through the Pattiseema project irked the Telangana government.

The task of allocating river water is that of the tribunal and not that of this committee, said A.K. Bajaj, chairman of the Central Expert Committee.