Text of the Vice-President's Address at the 100th Annual Convocation of the University of Delhi

azadi ka amrit mahotsav

Good morning and warm Greetings to all!  

As the Chancellor, I am extremely delighted to be among all of you on the Centenary Convocation of the University of Delhi.
Congratulations to the graduating students, their parents, their friends and the members of faculty on this milestone occasion.  
What a monumental event! The degree awarded will have a host of new embellishments, most impactful being the student’s mother’s name and your colour photograph. The medal distribution ceremony here reminded me of Kartavya Path on 26th January. 75th Republic Day parade.Girls! Your gender was in full command, It is in full command here as well and I can tell you the world will change like never before.

The historic step by Indian parliament in September, 2023 giving one-third reservation to half of the humanity women in Lok Sabha and state legislatures. Imagine qualitative cutting edge policy making where women will be present in Loksabha and state legislatures more than one third because one third is reserved. My very special Congratulations to this gender.

The Vice Chancellor has been very particular. The degree is fortified with 17 unique security features similar to currency notes, making duplication difficult. This reflects our technological adaptability and our technological prowess. Soothingly the Dress code is more aligned to our culture.
Friends, this centenary convocation in the 75th year of the Republic is much beyond being just a ceremony. It is a launchpad for you all.Somewhat akin to ISRO rocket launchpad at Sriharikota. This secure launchpad will propel you not just into new destinations, but to new heights, fuelled by the nectar you have gathered here in this university.
This nectar is in the bonds of friendship forged in the hallowed precincts of this institution in late-night study sessions and laughter. In the shared experiences, triumphs and challenges that have shaped you. I am sure several thoughts must be fitting in your mind.Even machine learning will not be able to diagnose it. The time you’ve spent, the time you’ve spent, the evenings, the late night interactions, the thought provoking ideas you’ve shared, You’’ll always remember them. You’ll cherish them.

You must have had many shared experiences, triumphs, setbacks, highs and lows – All these have shaped you into what you are today, ready and prepared to take a leap in the larger world.This nectar is in intellectual growth, the knowledge you have acquired that now drives your curiosity.
Let me give a suggestion to you, A cautionary one! Your learning doesn’t end with being a recipient of degrees. You are ever to engage in learning, learning is lifelong and that is our commitment to humanity. These are not just memories; these are the cornerstones of your future. Ever nurture the bonds generated here. And your contact with the Alma Mater has to be continually growing.  
You walk out as Alumni of this great University with firm determination to make yourself, your parents, your friends the Alma Mater and the Nation ever proud.
Friends, As you take this leap, wholesome enabling ecosystem awaits you. This allows you to fully expand your talent to fructify your aspirations.
Friends, as you stand on this momentous occasion, let me assure you – the India that awaits you is not just welcoming, but actively enabling. The India that awaits you rightly boasts of an exciting ecosystem, yearning for your talent, innovation, and passion. You can unleash them as you want as per your aptitude and inclination. This is a nation transformed, ready to propel you towards your dreams. Let me paint a picture of this nation today – the launchpad to Bharat@2047.
Equality before law is no longer just a constitutional ideal, it is an acknowledged reality. Those once supremely confident of being beyond the reach of law are in its firm grip.

Enforceability and accountability to law is now the new norm. Law abiding citizens are in upbeat mood and its transgressors are on the run. This is the current scenario in Bharat. Gone are the days of patronage, nepotism and favouritism. Now corruption is no longer passage to contact and recruitment. Patronage has yielded to merit and the law holds everyone accountable.

The India that awaits you is a level playing field, a platform for you to rise based on your talent and hard work.Nothing can be more rewarding for young impressionable minds than to have a level playing field.You will have a level playing field. You are having a level playing field and you’ve to reap the fruits of it.

Corruption hits the vulnerable the most, the women the most, the weaker the most. It has been a bane of our society for too long now the dark clouds of corruption that cast a shadow over our nation for a period far too long have now vanished. Power corridors where big decisions were being taken and are being taken they were once infested with corrupt liaison agents are now sanitised.The extra legally leveraged decision making, nothing was possible without rooting your mechanism through them.They are now gone and power corridors are sanitised.

Opportunities can have only meaning when those contend those opportunities know that we’ll be judged by merit. In the contemporary canvas of society, opportunities are now determined by merit and not patronage. Governance rather than being an obstruction now is enabling. It is open accessible and serves the people at large and is not only for the privileged few.
This is the India you step into, a nation on the rise as never before, propelled by innovation and opportunity. Gone are the days of sluggish tardy progress in infrastructure development. Today, we stand tall with world-class infrastructure, from highways that stretch across cities and villages alike to railways that weave a web of connectivity.

If I have to give you some instances of the recent past – The New Parliament building, the Bharat Mandapam and the Yashobhoomi convention centres, all in the recent past, are symbols of our nation soaring towards new heights. This is not just infrastructure, it is the foundation for your dreams to travel farther, faster than ever before. But progress is not quantifiable in looking at concrete and steel. It is about positively impacting and connecting every corner of our nation. And that is where technology steps in.

Global institutions! They have  looked at our nation from a different perspective. The world Institutions were always in cautionary mode, telling us what has to be done. Why are we not improving? They still do it with respect to other countries but when it comes to India – the World Bank, the IMF and the like all recognise our digital growth and well spread out technological penetration.

Rural connectivity has been transformative-bringing the power of information and opportunity to the last person. The digital divide is already behind us.  
On the international front, India has emerged as a global leader. Just to refer to one – Yoga, It has been there with us for centuries, it has been in our Vedas, It is fundamental to good health. It takes no money to adopt it. It is an ancient practice rooted in our civilisation, and has now become a worldwide phenomenon.

Prime Minister Modi initiative at the  United Nations supported by the largest number of countries in the shortest time fructified on June 21 being declared as International Yoga Day by the United Nations.The World now recognises India’s soft diplomacy as a stabilising force. G20 was a resounding success in many ways with the induction of the African Union, and the announcement of the India-Middle East-Europe trade route. India, during the G20 summit, emerged as the voice of the Global South.

Friends, Our digital payment systems like the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is steadily becoming globally attractive amid measures to enable seamless cross-border transactions. UPI payments are now accepted in iSingapore, Malaysia, UAE, France, Nepal, UK, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, to name a few.
Friends, it is amply clear that the world believes in India. It is time for us to subscribe to this same faith in all earnestness. Stand tall today is what we see. Whenever we talk of Bharat, we talk of phenomenal growth and exponential rise.The India you are entering is not just changing, it is exploding with possibilities. India is significantly defining global order.

My appeal to you all, particularly young boys and girls. Time to come out of silos, shake untenable limitations, take your leap for this is a nation reaching for the stars, and beyond. Friends, you are in a world where artificial intelligence solves problems we thought impossible, where quantum computing unlocks the secrets of the universe. Where Blockchain and Machine Learning are impacting Communications and Networking Systems.  This is not science fiction, it is the reality unfolding before you, awaiting your contributions. India is at the forefront of this revolution in disruptive technologies. We are not just talking about these technologies, we are investing billions, building the infrastructure, and creating the opportunities for all of you to be the architects of this future.
The National Quantum Mission is just one example. We are one of only seven nations in the world pushing the boundaries of this game-changing technology. Think of the possibilities that await you. Imagine tackling diseases, designing revolutionary materials, and unlocking the secrets of the universe – all within your reach. I am telling you this particularly because for a long time our youth has entertained  an idea that opportunities are limited in silos. Multiple number of them are available elsewhere as I’ve indicated.
Friends! Our commitment goes beyond the digital realm. The Green Hydrogen Mission is paving the way for a cleaner, greener future. Imagine powering our cities, industries, and even vehicles with clean, renewable hydrogen, creating jobs and protecting our planet – another opportunity waiting for your skill.

And if you think space is beyond reach, think again. The historic landing of Chandrayaan-3 is just the beginning. The cosmos is ours to explore, and India is leading the charge. What a pride for me, for you, for the entire nation – our ISRO is putting satellites of other countries in the Universe because good technology could be valuable for them and that is why countries like USA, UK, Singapore avail our facilities.

My young friends, these achievements are not just milestones, they are open doors. Doors for you to enter, make most of the opportunities that await you.

I am referring to some of these to indicate the enormous opportunities that await you in multiple new vistas. I would urge the VC to hold a special session. Let our youth know what opportunities await them in the changing Bharat that is on way to becoming a  Viksit Bharat@2047.

Friends! Do not limit yourselves to traditional paths. Shake the obsession of competitive examinations being the only option. Competitive examination mechanism to secure a government job, according to me, and I firmly believe in it out of conviction, is only one of the many paths, not necessarily the best one. I would put it much lower because your capacity to contribute in other areas, make the nation proud lies beyond it. Bharat has expectations from you, not just as employees, but as innovators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.

Amrit Kaal is just the beginning, the launchpad for Bharat@2047, a future you will not just witness, but script and make a reality. Friends, this is your moment. You have persevered, you have grown, and now you are ready to embark on the next chapter of your journey. I see not just a sea of faces, but a sea of potential, of talent, and of dreams waiting to be realised.Take a leap, ecosystem is favourable, enabling wholesome and allows you to fully exploit your talent and potential to realise your dreams and aspirations. The recent constitutional prescription of reservation of one third of seats in Lok Sabha  and State Legislatures for women, is an epochal development. It will geometrically and qualitatively improve our policies and governance.This will be one of the major factors to take Bharat@2047 as global leader.

It is a recognition that our nation thrives when everyone has the opportunity to contribute, regardless of gender. Friends, in the end, all I want to say is that the future belongs to those who dare to dream bigger, bolder, beyond the ordinary. Do not let the fear of failure hold you back. Trust me the whole world agrees, Bharat – home to one sixth of humanity today is a land of hope for us and for others in the world.

Just look at India’s journey. From carrying at point of time rocket parts on bicycles to now launching satellites for the world, we have dared to dream, and we have achieved the impossible.Together, let us paint a vibrant picture of Amrit Kaal. Let your talent, passion, and unique perspectives be the brushstrokes that shape a brighter tomorrow. This new India is your canvas, and the possibilities are endless like never ending.

I appeal to you to ever keep the National Interest uppermost. It can’t be optional. Our commitment to our nation can never be diluted. It has to be hundred percent 24X7.
Beware of those who have an insatiable appetite to set afloat anti national narratives. Beware of those who have an ostrich stance to our exponential phenomenal economic and developmental rise. Beware of those who are a recipe for chaos when it comes to serving the Nation.

As discerning minds, most vital governance stakeholders and precious demographic segment of the largest democracy, it is your obligation to neutralise all who in designed strategic manner engage in tainting and tarnishing our national image and slur our constitutional institutions. 


Remember, all of you are a vital segment in the marathon march to Bharat@2047. Its success lies on your shoulders,I have every hope, optimism and confidence.The nation will succeed because you cannot afford to fail. You are not only the architects of your own destinies, but also of our shared future.

Make your mark, not just for yourselves, but for the nation, for the world because we believe in ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’.

Boys and girls, I conclude! You hold the key to Viksit Bharat@2047. Unlock it!

Thank you so much.



Source PIB