Use of Drones to Monitor Rail Projects

Currently six major rail projects are being monitored through the latest equipment like drones.

Progress in Bilaspur-Seawood-Uran Brihan Mumbai rail link project in Maharashtra, Sultanpur-Lambhua line project in Uttar Pradesh, Mortald – Nizamabad line in Telangana and Mudkhed – Porbhani line in Maharashtra are being monitored through the use of drone technology.

Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation has also pressed two drones to monitor projects.

Durgawati – Sasaram line of Eastern DFC in Bihar and Neem ka Thana – Srimadhopur line in Western DFC in Rajasthan are being monitored by drone service.

The IP based cameras are being used to monitor Kashmir rail link projects.

Railways has opted for drones and geo-based spatial based satellite technology to monitor the crucial projects without visiting the site.