Iran Denounces Latest Sanctions

Iran has condemned the USA for imposing new sanctions in connection with the country’s missile defense program.

The sanctions were imposed by the US Treasury Department against 11 companies and individuals connected to Iran’s ballistic missile program.

According to officials in Iran, the missile system is not designed to carry nuclear warheads “and therefore, it is not at odds with any international norm.”


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Iran has stated its intention to respond to the sanctions “by pursuing its legal missile program more seriously and enhance its defense and national security capabilities.”

This new development comes within two days of the announcement of the lifting of other US sanctions against Iran and confirmation from the US about a completed deal with Iran on an exchange of prisoners.

Over the past several years Iran has been subject to numerous sanctions for its contentious nuclear program. Iranian leaders have repeatedly claimed that the developing nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, but the international community, Israel in particular, worries that Iran’s enrichment program was designed for military purposes.

The US and France agreed in March to strengthen nuclear talks with Iran to persuade the nation to restrain its nuclear program in exchange for relief from sanctions and in April Iran agreed to a framework deal to restrict its nuclear plan.

Developments in this regard were largely positive and resulted in subtle improvement in ties between the US and Iran.