Mangaluru Airport Gets Award

Mangaluru International Airport has received the World Quality Commitment (WQC) award in Gold category, which was instituted by the Spain-based Business Initiative Directions (BID).

The award was presented to the Airport Director at Paris on October 25. Mangaluru International Airport is the only airport from India to get this award.

BID took the decision to present this award after the research and analysis carried out by quality hunters, entrepreneurs, and experts in quality to recognise the contribution of Mangaluru International Airport in terms of leadership, quality and excellence.

current affairsThe selection was made on the basis of criteria of total quality management, ISO certification, customer satisfaction, business results, and continuous developments for passenger amenities, innovation, growth and facilities to stakeholders.

Mangalore Airport, formerly known as Bajpe Airport, is an international airport serving the coastal city of Mangalore, India. Several daily flights connect Mangalore with most major cities in southern and western India as well as many major cities in the Middle East.

The airport, then the Bajpe Aerodrome, was opened on 25 December 1951 when then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru arrived on a DC-3 Dakota aircraft.

As of 2014, Mangalore Airport has one of highest year-over-year passenger growth rates in India, with a 54 percent growth in international passenger traffic.