Modi Meets Heads of USA, France & UK

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, met the President of the United States, Mr Barack Obama, in New York City. He also met the President of France, Mr. Francois Hollande; and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Mr. David Cameron.

Four common themes that were discussed at the meetings were:

  1. Climate change,
  2. Terrorism,
  3. India’s desire for membership of the four export control regimes, and
  4. Reform of the United Nations Security Council.

On climate change, the Prime Minister asserted that India’s commitment is second to none. He said India had sought permission to announce its INDCs (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions) on October 2nd, Gandhi Jayanti, though the deadline is October 1st. The Prime Minister said that the emphasis should not be solely on emission caps, but should also be on providing finance and technology for clean energy to the developing countries. He also spoke of his vision for India to produce 175 GigaWatts of renewable energy.

During his meeting with UK Prime Minister David Cameron, the Prime Minister invited Britain to be a partner in the ‘Make in India’ programme.

During the meeting with the US President, both sides acknowledged the significant progress made in the relationship. They noted the recently concluded Strategic and Commercial Dialogue, and discussions on Energy and Cyber-Security.

They noted that they were meeting on a day when four American satellites had been launched by ISRO. The Prime Minister spoke of his visit to California, the renewable energy dialogue and the Start-Up Konnect event at San Jose.