NGT Bans Registration of Diesel Vehicles in Delhi

National Green Tribunal (NGT) orders that no new diesel vehicles will be registered in Delhi in order to curb the growing menance of air pollution in the capital city.

The tribunal has also said that the central and state government must stop buying diesel cars in Delhi. These will be interim steps till the next date of hearing on January 6.

current affairsIn April, the tribunal had banned diesel vehicles over 10 years old in the city labelled world’s most polluted.

Around 23 per cent of the cars registered in Delhi are diesel. Diesel cars can legally emit 7.5 times more particulate matter than the petrol versions and produce more toxic nitrogen dioxide. Diesel emissions are also cancer causing, says the World Health Organisation.

Chief Justice of India, TS Thakur, had called the pollution in Delhi ’embarrassing’ and asked for immediate solutions.

NGT ruling comes at a time the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a petition seeking a complete ban on diesel cars in Delhi and other cities. The case will come up on December 15.

“Delhi has earned a bad name that it is the most polluted city. Last week a Judge came from International Court of Justice to Delhi. It is very embarrassing for us to tell him that this is the level of pollution in Delhi,” said the court.

From the New Year, odd and even numbered cars will be allowed on alternate days in Delhi. The system will be tested for 15 days. The tribunal said the ban would only drive people to buy another car.