Operation ‘Tasha’ in News

Under Operation ‘Tasha’, Indian Navy and Coast Guard ships are deployed in Palk Bay area to prevent any illegal activity and also to protect the Indian fishermen from any attack, while they are fishing in Indian waters.

Indian Coast Guard have also distributed a total of 1,853 Distress Alert Transmitters (DATs) free of cost to fishermen in the coastal states of India which provide the location of a distressed fisherman to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, Chennai.

Whenever any such incident of attack and consequent detention of our fishermen by the     Sri Lankan authorities are reported, Government through diplomatic channels, immediately takes up the matter with the Government of Sri Lanka to ensure that the Sri Lankan authorities act with restraint and our fishermen are treated in a humane manner and are released expeditiously.

There have been no report about killing of any Indian fishermen by Sri Lankan Navy during the last three years.  However, there are reports about an incident of firing in Palk Bay at around 2230 hrs on 06.03.2017, in which a fishing vessel from Tamil Nadu was fired upon allegedly by the Sri Lankan Navy, leading to death of an Indian fishermen.

The Government of Sri Lanka has denied the  involvement of their Navy in the firing incident.  In a media statement, the Sri Lanka Navy has pointed out that their patrol boats are not authorized to open fire at any point on Indian fishermen transgressing into the Sri Lankan waters.

Government attaches highest importance to the safety, security and welfare of Indian fishermen.  Indian Coast Guard provides assistance to Indian fishermen at sea while they are in distress through regular patrolling.

It also conducts community Interaction Programmes to educate fishermen among other issues, on the perils of cross border fishing.