UPSC Prelims on 10 October: CrackIAS Exam in 50 Days

UPSC Prelims 2021 also called as UPSC Civil Services Preliminary exam 2021 has been postponed by UPSC like previous year. The UPSC Prelims was scheduled to held on 27th June this year. The main reason behind is the increasing cases of COVID19 patients in India. Last year also, UPSC postponed Prelims exam and it was held later on 4th October. But this year new date given is 10th October.

UPSC Prelims 2021 postponed

Now IAS aspirants those want to CRACKIAS exam has extra 3 months to prepare and boost their score. Four months July, August, September have been made available to candidates. Since lockdown is also inforce in many States, candidates should devote their maximum time to prepare for IAS Prelims 2021 exam.

Crack IAS Prelims 2022

There are chances that competition might increase. Therefore, dedicated well-approached study plan is required to this CrackIAS exam in 2021. Alongwith civil services exam preparation, they should also take care of their health. Light physical and mental exercise enhances the ability of body/mind to grasp and retain the information that candidates study during exam period.

Wish you Great Success in coming UPSC Prelims Exam !

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