Helmets Made Compulsory in Udupi

Helmets has made compulsory for both riders and pillion riders and also children riding on two-wheelers in Udupi district in Karnataka from January 20.

The Karnataka State government had issued a notification stating that helmets were compulsory for the rider and pillion rider of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds, irrespective of horse power of the vehicle in the State.

The Udupi district police was providing a grace period till January 20 for people to purchase helmets.

After the grace period, the police would be free to impose a fine of Rs. 100 on the rider/pillion rider if he was not wearing a helmet.

It was also essential that people purchased helmets which covered their entire face and carried the ISI mark.

Wearing helmets was essential as a lot of people lost their lives due to head injuries during road accidents.

A helmet went a long way in protecting the lives of the riders and the pillion riders. It was also important to note that in case of road accidents, it would be difficult to get insurance, if the rider/pillion rider was not wearing a helmet.

Since some police personnel did not have helmets as there was no compulsory helmet rule in Udupi district, the district police had decided to provide helmets to its personnel by January 20.

No police personnel riding a two-wheeler would be allowed in the district police office here if he was not wearing a helmet.

The police would launch a vigorous campaign through social media and mass media informing people to purchase helmets immediately. If a rider was wearing a helmet and the pillion rider was not wearing a helmet, the pillion rider would have to pay the fine.